Papua New Guinea

PNG Water, a state owned Enterprise, is responsible to provide clean potable water to the people in many communities in PNG.

Kimbe is the main centre and community on the West New Britain Island. Water supply for the township is from several bores in the township where it is pumped to a central WTP for treatment. The bores are good yielding bores in shallow aquifers with good quality parameters except some of them have iron in the bore water. This means the water without removing the iron is not a potable product to supply.

With no effective iron removal process being used at site, the iron in the water could settles out in the reservoirs and pipes and creates issues in the plant and water supply. To remove the problem 5 x SF100 iron removal filters were used to remove the iron from the bore water before going into the storage tanks at the WTP. With the iron removed the water could now be sterilised and distributed to the community safely as potable water.

Location: Papua New Guinea

Water Treatment Required: Iron Removal

Water Treatment Plant Used: 5 x SF100 Deferum Clean & Green Iron Removal Filter