Wilyabrup – Dairy Farm

Running a Dairy Farm 365 days of the year is hard work. Dairy cows consume a lot of grass and drink a lot of water to convert the grass and water into precious milk. Located in the Margaret river Region, our client has to utilise ground and bore water to supplement his surface catchment resources.

Milking cows twice a day uses a lot of water inside the cowshed both as wash down water and in the milking plant itself. So rather than use valuable stored dam water, a reliable ground water supply is a more efficient use of the resource. The problem is the ground water is predominantly high in dissolved iron.

Implementing a chemical free iron removal filter meant they were able to improve the water quality of the bore water resource, utilise it in the cow shed and meet all health and production expectations as a food manufacturing source, have a reliable constant water resource and supply, minimise the use of valuable dam water resource for anything other than livestock watering and have a quality resource as back up to the existing dam supply.

Location: Wilyabrup – Dairy Farm

Water Treatment Required: Iron Removal & pH Correction

Water Treatment Plant Used: SF100 Deferum Clean & Green Iron Removal Filter & FRP Calcite Filter for pH Correction