Kojonup – Lifestyle Property

Happy wife is a happy life”, the motto our client lives by! A property located just outside of Kojonup and in the family for many generations, our clients have invested many hours of their time beautifying their home and improving the beautiful grounds that surround it. But to keep it in an absolute pristine state their garden needs a lot of water.

Dam storage and run off water has been depleting over the years as well as the overall quality of the water. To maintain their “garden of Eden” and enjoy their surroundings to their fullest, they turned towards ground water as a more reliable source.

As is typical of the area the ground water was saline so investing in the Containerized Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant to supplement their gardens needs, as well as their own water consumption, was the best solution for the medium and long term.

Location: Kojonup – Lifestyle Property

Water Treatment Required: Desalination

Water Treatment Plant Used: 8Ft Containerized 3 Membrane Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant