Supporting a wide range of industries


Athena Water offers a wide range of water treatment solutions to many industry sectors including:

  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Mining
  • Agribusiness
  • Meat and Livestock – abattoir
  • Healthcare
  • Desalination Plants
  • Lifestyle Seekers


Farming including Grain, Livestock, Horticulture and Dairy Production.

Ground Water is the most reliable, abundant and consistent source or water for any agribusiness entity. Having a good reliable and sustainable water management program in any farming operation is vital to their success. Historical data accumulated over the years by DPIRD confirms that the quality of ground water has deteriorated and in particular, has become too salty or high in heavy metals for crop spraying for grain or horticultural farmers and livestock feed and lot water for livestock farmers and dairy producers.

Athena Water’s experience in water treatment over the last 20 years has innovatively designed purpose made water treatment plants to tackle the ongoing problems of heavy metals and salinity in ground water for the “man on the land”. We have been able to adapt our products and designs to be reliable, flexible and economical given whatever constraints of power, high conductivity and heavy metals that are found in the ground water. This delivers a water resource that has improved efficiency, sustainability, reliability and water security for feedlot and livestock farming, crop spraying for grain farmers and improved productivity for horticultural farmers. We provide the complete water management and water security plan for all farmers.

Athena Water have been actively involved with DPIRD as an industry invitee to participate in the “Water Smart” program the department is promoting into primary industry and regional development. Athena Water regularly communicates with DPIRD to provide data, expose problems within water treatment and provide solutions, promote opinion and advice to shape government policy to improve water management plans and provide strategies and security for all farm producers.
We are always investing in research and development to better develop products and “know how” within the industry and going forward, are developing a plan and strategy to provide a formal education and awareness to farming groups and communities to teach and have farmers better understand current industry water treatment practices and techniques.


Turn key solutions to all potable water treatment processes and techniques for ground water use .

Athena Water are able to provide turnkey solutions to all potable water treatment processes and techniques for ground water use in the mining sector.
Working to industry and international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 we can provide the complete and safe custom made water treatment plant package.

Our team includes:

  • Qualified and experienced Chemical & Process Engineer
  • Electrical Design & Process Engineer
  • Registered Plumber for fabrication, installation and commissioning
  • Highly skilled Project Manager and Trade Qualified Personnel
  • Mechanical and Steel Fabrication trade people

For complete water treatment including wastewater packages we can utilise our associate and partner from the same office and workshop site, Australian Water Technologies.
Their superior industry knowledge and expertise in wastewater treatment ensures the highest in professional and knowledgeable solutions. We can be the complete ‘One Stop Shop’.

Health Care

Process and water treatment system that is reliable, conforms and performs to current and ongoing regulations

Athena Water currently has a close and professional relationship with a major health care professional servicing the public and private hospital service sector.

A few years ago, Athena Water entered a joint venture operation to design, fabricate and market a complete water treatment package to service the recent changes in regulations imposed upon all heath care providers in surgical and theatrical health care in relation to sterilisation and cleaning of surgical equipment in relation to endotoxin compliance programs.

The joint venture is a complete union of two industry professionals using their combined expertise and synergies to develop a process and water treatment system that is reliable, conforms and performs to current and ongoing regulations, as well as being economical and proficient for the health care industry.

And the effort does not stop there! We are always in consultation with each other to continually improve and better the process, design and product we want to put to our clients and the health sector in general.


Turn any tired looking garden into a happy thriving oasis.

For the “lifestyle” seeker who wants their own small independent block in the wide open countryside, a reliable water resource is a necessity. While most lifestyle block owners harvest their own rainwater for domestic use, the ability to develop and create their own oasis or Garden of Eden, requires ground water to be the water of choice.

By providing this needed water resource and utilising the same techniques we use for farming or mining, we can provide that valuable water supply to turn any tired looking garden into a happy thriving oasis. Whether it is unwanted iron stains or improvised gardens suffering from salty water we can make your “Garden of Eden” come to life.