Walpole – Caravan Park

Nestled in Walpole in the lovely SW region of WA is our clients Caravan Park. Being isolated on the outskirts of Walpole, the park must supply its own water for the residents.

Using an existing bore supply in the neighbouring forest, the water supply is fresh and plentiful but also has low levels of iron and low pH which means it needs treating prior to being available for the camp site residents.

Prior to using our technology, the camp owners used several tanks in which to drop or settle the iron out then pH correct it and transfer the top layer of clean water to additional storage tanks eventually having to clean and remove the iron form the primary tank.

This was a very labour intensive and messy operation so automating the plant with our Deferum Iron Removal Filter meant the iron could be removed and the pH corrected in one simple process and clean iron free potable water supplied to all their storage tanks without the use of chemicals.

Location: Walpole – Caravan Park

Water Treatment Required: Iron Removal & pH Correction

Water Treatment Plant Used: SF100 Deferum Clean & Green Iron Removal Filter & FRP Calcite Filter for pH Correction