Bindoon – Farm

Our clients farm is located just north of Bindoon, up on the hills in the area where wind and heat ravage the countryside. Its a relatively small farming property where they specialise in farming beef cattle for meat production.

Cattle need a lot of water and feed. The better the water, the better they can convert the feed and put on weight. As is common in the area, the continuing drier summers depleted the natural catchment and dam water to the point where our client was having to buy and cart water to sustain his stock.

They turned to ground water as a more consistent and reliable resource. A bore was sunk and as with most bores in the area it was saline. With an RO system now installed they have a reliable and permanent water resource on the farm to keep stock numbers up and weight on the animals.

Location: Bindoon – Farmer

Water Treatment Required: Desalination

Water Treatment Plant Used: 16KLD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant