Australind – Lifestyle Property

Our clients moved to Australind to enjoy their retirement and maturing years of their life. Paramount to their retirement was enjoying their garden and what they could grow.

The property had a bore on it which was principally used for the reticulation around the house and the garden. Scheme water was available but a huge cost to their limited income resources given the amount of water they were using. The bore was the best economical solution but there was one problem, it contained iron which was common with all bores in the neighbourhood. The iron stained whatever it touched and impacted on the growth of their plants.

The easiest and most economical solution was the installation of our deferum iron filter. Using no chemicals, which was hugely important to these organic gardeners, the DF 12 installed meant they now had an endless supply of iron free water, no further staining of their beautiful home and happy thriving plants and vegetables

Location: Australind – Lifestyle Property Owners

Water Treatment Required: Iron removal

Water Treatment Plant Used: DF12 Deferum Clean & Green Iron Removal Filter