Gelorup/Bunbury – Lifestyle Property

Living in Gelorup on the outskirts of Bunbury is a wonderful lifestyle with that country feel. Having that country feel also implies you need to be self-sufficient, including supplying your own water to the property for drinking and reticulation, as scheme water is unavailable.

For many years, our client had a reliable and potable bore water supply on the property for both house domestic use and reticulation. Then one day the bore collapsed with age and so another bore was sunk beside the old one thinking the same water would be collected but unfortunately what should have occurred in theory did not happen in practice.

The science of hydrology is very mystifying as we don’t know what happens below the surface of the ground, and this is very common. Two water supplies within 5 m of each other can be very different in their yields and quality. And this is exactly what happened on this property. His new water supply was not potable anymore as it contained iron and for reticulation, the water would be staining their limestone walls.

Not wanting to use chemicals to purify their water, they turned to invest in the Deferum Iron Removal Filter to the iron non chemically, use the water thought the house for domestic use and irrigate the garden and lawns without staining issues.

Location: Gelorup/Bunbury – Lifestyle Property

Water Treatment Required: Iron Removal

Water Treatment Plant Used: DF12 Deferum Clean & Green Iron Removal Filter