Mt Barker – Farm

Our client’s properties are located in the Mt. Barker Region on the southern side of the Sterling Ranges. Having been in farming all his life, he understands the need for a reliable good water resource. His love of sheep and keeping stock numbers up on his farm means he must have a reliable and consistent water supply so that his farm is drought proof.

There is plenty of reliable clean bore water on the property, but it is too salty for good all-round stock water. So, to keep his farm drought free and continually stocked he invested in a desalination plant so his water management plan could be implemented whereby he now had a continual reliable supply of good quality stock water.

This could be distributed around his farms from one central point and maintain optimum stock levels on his farms. The other benefit from the investment was that during the winter he also had a reliable good quality source of crop spraying water for cropping in the growing season.

Location: Mt Barker – Farm

Water Treatment Required: Desalination

Water Treatment Plant Used: 8Ft Containerized 24KLD Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant