The War Graves Cemetery in any major city is poignant memory of those who gave their lives for their country so we could enjoy our liberty and freedom. Perth War Graves Cemetery is no different. Administered by the Federal Government; the cemetery is a solemn reminder to all who visit of the sacrifice made by those who have gone before. As such the cemetery is well groomed; manicured and landscaped to ensure this hallowed place is peaceful and beautiful to all who visit.

To maintain the cemetery; a reliable source of reticulation water was required which met minimum standards to maintain the upkeep of the cemetery. Bore water on the property was heavy in iron and required filtration to remove the iron. Water requirement was for 200KLD during peak summer times. The project was undertaken by Carnac Services and the Chemical Free Deferum iron Removal system was the preferred filtration system utilised. Utilising our SF200 Filters; we have successfully installed and commissioned the filters which are totally automatic and remove the 2ppm of iron in the raw water to less than 0.2 ppm.

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