McCallum Park is a very central and extensive recreational Park located in the Victoria Park Suburb. The park borders the river and as such the water table is very high. The storm water catchment area for the greater Victoria Park suburb makes its way to the river and passes underground through McCallum Park.

Flowing all year round, in the early days of the Park a big underground reservoir was constructed to capture the natural storm water run off to the river. This underground storage is utilised to reticulate the park which is always recharged by the continual flow of stormwater, which reduces in summer periods. This natural run off is however subject to bacterial and viral contamination which is a potential public hazard for the public enjoying the park and facilities. Consequently, the Shire decided it needed to introduce a Chlorination Dosing Plant to remove the potential health hazard. As such AWS was engaged to design, fabricate, install and commission a chlorine sterilisation unit to treat the storm water discharge collected in the underground storage tank before being reticulated to the park.

Utilising a purpose-built container to be installed at site to house the chlorination unit, the plant was designed and built. A sump pump draws the water from the underground storage with an inline booster pump ensuring enough pressure and flow occurs so that the chlorination unit is able to dose the water and the flow is sufficient to within a 12 hour period the underground storage is completely circulated and treated before the next reticulation cycle. The plant is in operation and water sampling of the reticulated water now meets all minimum legislative requirements for sterilisation in an open public place.