The MRD Factory is in the Margaret River Region. Being a rural based factory; water for their ongoing operations must be sourced from available ground and bore water. Being a food manufacturing business; the water must be of a high standard and completely potable.

Prior to being involved with MRD; the bore water on site was treated insufficiently. The bore water at site characteristically is: Iron – 25ppm pH – 5.8 Mn – 0.8ppm TDS – 600ppm ; high in Chlorides. The bore water used at site presented many problems for management. Not only was it inherently still high in iron; despite being treated; it was still high in manganese and the high chlorides created problems in the factory for the SS fabricated pipes which started to corrode at the welds.

To improve the water quality; a 4-stage water treatment plant was recommended and designed for implementation. The 4 stages implemented were: Stage 1: Iron removal utilising the SF100 deferum iron removal system unique to AWS Stage 2: Chemically remove the manganese utilising DMI media and provide a final polish for the pre-treatment of the water for stage 3. Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis of the bore water to remove all salts from the water. Stage 4: Final Filtration of the water from the permeate storage tank prior to using in the factory with 1 micron sediment filters and UV light sterilisation. The resulting permeate water is: Iron < 0.01 Manganese < 0.01 pH – 7.0 TDS – < 20

Award Winning Diary Company in South West region of WA for yogurt and cheese products.
Ongoing service and maintenance – strong working relationship.
Potable water required on site meets Australian Drinking Water GuidelinesPlant supplies 60,000 LPD of potable drinking water 365 days a year.