Deferum Filtration, a Chemical Free Iron Removal System

Athena Water Perth is one of the leading water treatment companies of Western Australia. We are experts at providing both potable and non-potable water to commercial and residential clients. One of our most popular systems is the environmentally friendly automatic system known as ‘Deferum’. It uses a reagent free removal system that is specially made for the high levels of dissolved iron and dissolved gases in the bore water found in Western Australia. These systems are capable of taking water to drinking water standards.

About Deferum Filtration

Deferum is a Latin term. It means simply ‘remove iron’. Deferum based water filtration systems use a hydro-automatic gravity filter to treat water and remove impurities. This ecologically friendly process can remove much more than iron. This system also removes dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulphide, methane, chromacity, manganese, radon, arsenic and carbon dioxide. Particulate and organic matter can be removed as well, making for a clean and pure end product. Deferum systems can deal with bore water with iron content between 0.3 and 50 ppm without reagent treatment. These systems are low maintenance and easy on the wallet. They use no pumps, no electrical parts and no valves. They have no rotating or other moving parts to wear out and require replacement. Most systems will rarely need maintenance after installation. Each system is easy to set up and does not require an operator, or even shelter. The actual filter is good for roughly 25 years and is made of easily sourced materials. Very few Deferum systems require anything to be replaced over the lifetime of the system.

The Technical Details

This process involves water from the bore being supplied at 65 psi to the first stage of the process. The aerator-degasifier removes the hydrogen sulphide and other dissolved gases. At the same time, atmospheric oxygen is introduced into the water until saturation is reached. It is then sent through the distributor and into the hydro-automatic filter with its floating polymer media. This media is what removes the iron and other suspended particulate matter. This takes place on all levels of the filter media bed. Treated water then flows to a storage tank through a discharge pipe. This process is entirely powered by gravity. As the media is contaminated by iron and other collected material, the water flow slows down. A vacuum is created in the system. This causes the system to switch to self-cleaning mode, or to backwash. The media is violently agitated and the impurities are rinsed into the backwash collection box.

A Filter for Every Need

Our filtration systems are available in a size suitable for your particular situation. Typical homes can use either the Miniature Domestic filter or the regular Domestic filter. The Miniature can filter up to 10,000 litres of water per day, while the Domestic can filter up to 48,000 litres per day. Farms and commercial properties may be best served by our Super filter, filtering from 100 – 400,000 litres a day or the Mega Filter which handles 500,000 litres a day. More Info can be found here or you can contact Athena Water Perth