Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment involves the application and design to recycle or recover industrial or commercial waste water. Water as a viable resource is becoming scarcer and the importance of recycling and reusing water is becoming a more prominent responsibility across all industry sectors.

AWS utilises innovative and technically proven ideas and systems when tackling any Water Recycling and water reclamation challenges. Every Waste Water Treatment Plant is site specific; and is custom made to suit the specific situation and meet required performance criteria. AWS utilises various water treatment techniques in meeting waste water treatment challenges. These techniques are varied and methods utilised range from simple media filters and high flow sediment filters; to systems utilising MF/ UF filters; clarifiers; Flocculants; DAF Units; flat sheet membranes; Aerobic Bio Reactors; Centrifuges; just to name a few.



Athena Water Services is a leading Western Australia Water Treatment Company supplying Potable and Non Potable Water Treatment Plants; Wastewater Treatment Plants ; Water Softeners; Iron Removal Filters; Ion Exchange Filtration Systems; Ultra and Micro Filtration Plants; and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment .




Utilisation of Micro filtration (MF); Ultra Filtration (UF); aerobic Bio Cleaning Reactors and Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) have proved efficient and reliable systems for recycle and reusing water in all industrial applications.

Any challenging waste water treatment system; utilising new innovative systems and design; will be preceded with a pilot plant built and designed to specification on a small scale; trialled and tested on site using actual waste water to prove the design and process; and where necessary make any improvements.

Our process and design team involves the client in all aspects of the planning and design to determine their minimum requirements and outcomes; as well as liaise with local shire authorities and EPA regulatory bodies. An important part of our process and design team is our chemical analyst; Dr Peter Kesners; who is instrumental in overseeing the design of our systems to ensure they are able to adapt and meet the chemical challenges within the water treatment process.