Osmosis is a process found in all biological systems and results in water from a diluted solution passing spontaneously through a semi-permeable membrane onto a more concentrated solution on the other side, releasing energy in the process. This is counter productive to the requirements of desalination where in fact, we require the reverse to occur, i.e. we need fresh water to pass out of the concentrated solution to accumulate on the other side of the membrane where we collect and utilize it. A reversed process of this type requires the input of energy. One such mechanism is called, for obvious reasons, Reverse Osmosis, commonly abbreviated to R.O.



Athena Water Services is a leading Western Australia Water Treatment Company supplying Potable and Non Potable Water Treatment Plants; Wastewater Treatment Plants ; Water Softeners; Iron Removal Filters; Ion Exchange Filtration Systems; Ultra and Micro Filtration Plants; and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment .


Reverse Osmosis desalination is the most technologically and economical means to purify any saline water, be it sea, surface or bore water.

Generally speaking, saline water is categorized as being brackish (< 20,000 TDS); or salt water (> 20,000 TDS). Sea Water is typically TDS of 35,000+.

Whatever the application; brackish or salt water; a RO system is the most economical means of purifying it. AWS specialize in all aspects of RO systems; be is brackish or sea; 6000 liters per day systems to 1,000,000 liters per day; skid mounted or containerized.

Pretreatment of the Supply water feeding the RO plant is the key to a successful system; and depending on the water supply quality; various pretreatment systems are utilized ranging from filter media; sediment filters; MF/UF filtration media; or chemical.

Our RO systems are purposely built to maximize plant longevity; utilize state of the art instrumentation to interface with the user; membranes from the world’s leading membrane manufacturers; and designed to achieve the highest levels of productivity and water recovery.

West Hills Farm

West Hills Farm

( Sumich)

Design; build; installation and commissioning of a completely containerised RO plant for West Hills Farm carrot Juice Processing Plant.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Mount Magnet

This site is a short term ore body extraction site where a temporary camp and associated infrastructure has been established.


AWS has been able to utilize RO technology into small domestic units that can be utilized domestically in the home. The self contained units are small under the bench RO units to provide the domestic home with safe; clean reliable water for domestic personal consumption. The unit incorporates 5 stages of filtration.

Stage 1:           5 micron Sediment Filter: Filters solids; including suspended substances, sediment, protozoa, rust and colloids.

Stage 2:           Granular Activated Carbon: Absorbs; free chlorine, humus, byproducts of disinfectants, microorganisms, colour and odor in water.

Stage 3:           1 micron Sediment Filter: Filters tiny suspended solid substances.

Stage 4:           RO Membrane: The pore size is only 0.0001 um, equaling one millionth of a single hair. RO filtration effectively blocks harmful substances including heavy metal ions; bacteria; viruses; pesticides and residuals.

Stage 5:           Post Activated Carbon: Improves the taste of the water.

Final Product:         Permeate Water; Clean pure water with TDS < 50

Our Domestic RO Filters are a single pass system; designed for TDS levels up to 1500 TDS with turbidity levels on the feed water being < 5 NTU. Inlet pressure must be 200 – 300 kpa. Ideal for municipal water supply; or bore water supply. An RO water purifier will provide the safest and purist water quality a home filter purifier can provide.

Product Range:

285 LPD (75GPD)                    1520 LPD (400GPD)                3020 LPD (800GPD)

75 GPD Unit

75 GPD Unit

Standing Model with Pressure Meter



Single Membrane