Lanxess ION Exchange Resins

Lanxess offers a whole range of innovative products that helps to  safeguard and inexpensively purify water - and to effectively minimise water wastage.

Lanxess range of ion exchange resins effectively treat the:

  • Absorption of arsenic ions
  • Removal of mercury and heavy metals
  • Demineralisation of water
  • Selective extraction of heavy metal cations.
  • Microbial control.
  • Dealkalization of Water

Lanxess manufacture their own unique monoplus resin beads for ion exchange applications.



Athena Water Services is a leading Western Australia Water Treatment Company supplying Potable and Non Potable Water Treatment Plants; Wastewater Treatment Plants ; Water Softeners; Iron Removal Filters; Ion Exchange Filtration Systems; Ultra and Micro Filtration Plants; and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment .

AWS can offer the full range of Lanxess ion exchange resins for varying industrial applications and have been appointed as Lanxess regional representative for WA.

In conjunction with Lanxess as manufacturers of their monoplus resins; AWS is able to design and manufacture resin columns for commercial and light industrial water industry applications.

Lanxess also manufacture and produce their own brand of RO membranes; aptly called Lewabrane RO Membranes.

For more information; you can visit their website on