Deferum Filtration, a Chemical Free Iron Removal System

Athena Water Perth is one of the leading water treatment companies of Western Australia. We are experts at providing both potable and non-potable water to commercial and residential clients. One of our most popular systems is the environmentally friendly automatic system known as ‘Deferum’. It uses a reagent free removal system that is specially made […]

How to select a Sewerage Treatment Plant

Sewerage treatment is the process in which sewage is cleaned by biological and chemical processes in order to remove contaminants. It can then be re-used as farm fertilizer or disposed of. Selecting a sewerage treatment plant can be a lengthy process but with proper knowledge and research can be simple. There is a sewerage treatment […]

Reverse Osmosis CIP Cleaning: Tasks and Steps

Reverse Osmosis (RO) makes the removal of salt (desalination) from water possible. Desalination is not the only major task that can be performed via a RO system. Reverse Osmosis can be effectively used in various other jobs such as treating wastewater or even contributing to the production of energy. The removal of impurities or other […]
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Ultraviolet Filtration for Pure and Fresh Water

Having clean and pure water is important no matter where you live. Pure, fresh water is also invaluable to cooks, be they whipping up dinner for the family or running a restaurant. Ultra violet filtration boards can help provide the highest water quality to anyone who needs it. About Ultraviolet Filtration Ultraviolet radiation is a […]